Provide our clients with integrated services for the management of solid, biomedical and industrial waste, as well as recycling services, landfill administration, and fleet management in an environmentally friendly and responsible way. ConWaste acknowledges its duty and responsibility to aid and achieve environmental improvements in the world.



With the People and the Environment in Mind

We strive to continue being the leaders in our industry by constantly developing innovative programs and services using the latest technologies for the benefit of our people and the environment.

We have expanded to other areas of business, positioning ourselves as the only Puerto Rican company that offers clients a complete service program for waste management and disposal in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.

ConWaste only provides its clients with a service of excellence.


Who are we?

Consolidated Waste Services, Corp. (ConWaste) is a Puerto Rico’s largest local waste management company, fully developed by Puerto Ricans since its foundation in 1993 in San Juan. ConWaste has offered its clients complete solutions for the management of solid, biomedical, and industrial waste, as well as a full recycling program in Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic. ConWaste, along with its affiliates, have an employee base of over 1,100 dedicated workers throughout the entire island.

Our services include pickup and disposal of solid waste for both commercial and municipal clients, landfill management, recycling plant and transferring facilities in Puerto Rico. Additionally, ConWaste has the most advanced biomedical waste management facility in the island, located in Toa Baja. ConWaste is recognized throughout the Caribbean for its expertise in the industry of waste management, positioned as the number one company in Puerto Rico and number thirty-two (32) in the United States.

Throughout the Island of Puerto Rico, we operate and administrate five landfills, manage the pickup services of approximately 400,000 living units weekly and process more than 25,000 tons of recyclable material every year. ConWaste serves more than 4,000 clients of all sectors: municipal, governmental, commercial and industrial.

We provide a complete service program that offers assistance for every phase of our clients’ projects. Some of these services include landfill management, pickup, handling and disposal of waste, recycling facilities, conducting sample studies, permit provision, engineering design, financing, construction and operation management.

Our main objective here at ConWaste is to provide our clients with fast and responsible services while using only the safest techniques to protect our environment. We strive to be the leaders of our industry, counting with 100% client satisfaction rate and client retention. Local publications have consistently classified ConWaste as the number one waste management company in Puerto Rico.

Our Commercial Clients

  • Walmart
  • Amigo
  • Upr
  • Aireko
  • Ccenter