Experience and Expertise

Experience and Expertise

Rey O. Contreras Moreno, ESQ President

Contreras licensee is responsible for all aspects related to the SRS, recycling operations and collected waste, including recruitment, training, environmental compliance, general management, and establish a system of capital allocation and other related tasks.

José C. Zayas Sepúlveda, PE Vice President of Operations

Zayas is a licensed professional engineer with over nine years of experience in industrial solid waste. Supervises engineering activities and related operating all divisions. It is responsible for advising economic feasibility studies of future projects and economic monitoring of existing projects.

Javier Vázquez Bravo, Legal Advisor and Risk Management Director

Lawyer with 6 years of experience; authorized to litigate in local courts of Puerto Rico and the federal court of the United States. It is responsible for environmental and administrative compliance of all operations carried out by the group of companies. He also serves as Secretary and Advisor to the Board of Directors.

Maribelle Marrero Vázquez Vice President of Government Affairs

Dr. Marrero is a graduate agronomist with over 17 years experience in environmental issues. Before joining the team PRWI, Marrero was an Associate Member of the Environmental Quality Board of Puerto Rico, agency responsible for establishing regulatory and environmental compliance government. Responsible for addressing business and municipal administrations.

Santos Conde Navarro, CPA, Vice President of Finance

Certified Public Accountant with 20 years experience in financial management and accounting in the construction industry and the administration of different companies. Directs the Department of Finance and treasury functions within the corporate group.

Miguel A. Rivera Moreno, CPA, CIA Vice President of Operations in ConWaste

Mr. Rivera has over 10 years experience in corporate management taking charge of administrative, auditing and financial analysis of the business cycle. Oversees all aspects and divisions collected from municipal and commercial waste, including the areas of sales, marketing and customer service.

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