ConWaste Services / Landfill Technologies Corp. (Land-Tech) is a corporation organized under the laws of Puerto Rico, dedicated to the provision of services related to operations of Landfill Systems (SRS) services. Currently, Land-Tech operates several SRS in Puerto Rico, all of which receive non-hazardous solid waste such as domestic, commercial, industrial, construction waste and debris.

Land-Tech receives non-hazardous special solid waste (non-hazardous liquids, special waste and non-hazardous industrial waste) in the SRS in Fajardo and Yauco. These include composite coating system or geosynthetic (liner) as required by Rule 541 of The Regulation Management of Non-Hazardous Solid Waste (RMDSNP) and RCRA Subtitle D (for its acronym in English). Special non-hazardous and industrial wastes, which are non-hazardous solid waste, are placed in their designated areas (shot areas) for final disposal and coverage according to RMDSNP and all applicable laws and regulations.

Every vehicle that deposits liquids, special and industrial waste will be inspected at the SRS facilities. By interviewing and visual inspection, the source and quantity of waste will be recorded, as well as information on the driver, owner and billing for each car. Simultaneously, an adequately trained waste inspector (aligner) incorporates the existing SRS random inspection program to the inspection of waste to exclude the entry of goods to be non-acceptable in the SRS.

Prior to receipt at the landfill, non-hazardous industrial waste is guided through the process of characterization of waste. We do not receive explosive materials, radioactive materials and reagents, nor materials that are dangerous when mixed or products derived from these mix.

Containers and or received transport are of such a nature that, given the correct accommodation of the load, a visual inspection and sampling of at least 5% of the total shipment is provided.


Dewatered Biosolids

We receive waste in "bulk" and properly palletized and secured drones (wrapped), pails, boxes, bags (specified alternatives for materials containing asbestos and lead). We can receive various types of materials in containers even in different types of packaging, as long as they are stated as such in the manifest and are in accordance with the profile originally approved by the originator.

We also accept non-hazardous liquid waste; the solidification process of non-hazardous liquid waste is the use of a solidifying agent such as Fly Ash, Fill Regular, Caliche or Earth un-compacted liquid waste, solid or sludge that have not passed the test paint filter, according to the standards set by the Federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The Guides Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) to test paint filter, also known as Method: SW-846, has been adopted by the Environmental Quality Board (EQB) to determine whether the material is solid or liquid. Only discarded materials, waste or liquid waste, which by definition are not dangerous or exhibit any feature or code that will be defined as dangerous when solidified. To carry out this process, we use concrete-built or reinforced concrete-built pits, depending on the type of waste to be deposited; we then apply measures to control fugitive dust emissions or particulate.


pacific commercial services hazardous waste

To accept any available material, liquid wastes must meet the following characteristics:pH greater than 2 or less than 12.5

  • Paint Filter tests (as applicable)
  • Corrosivity Test (as applicable)
  • Flammability of these exceed 140 ° Fahrenheit
  • Parameters contaminants RCRA (TCLP) below the relevant limits.

Special waste accepted in the SRS are non-hazardous solid waste that could be materials containing asbestos and / or lead (less than 5 ppm), non-hazardous liquid waste and biomedical waste regulated treaties, as defined in Rule 502 Rules for handling Non-Hazardous Solid Waste (RMDSNP) of the JCA.

Solid waste generated in industrial processes not listed, such as (but not limited to these) are accepted:

  • Application of chemicals for fertilization and agricultural purposes
  • Food processing and derivatives
  • Transportation Equipment
  • Power Generation
  • Drying bed and silts
  • Manufacturing of iron and steel
  • Manufacturing of non-ferrous metals
  • Manufacturing of plastics and resins
  • Manufacturing of textiles
  • Production of hides and derivatives
  • Production of paper and pulp
  • Production of materials made of rubber and miscellaneous plastic products
  • Production of stone products, glass, clay, concrete and cement
  • Inorganic Chemicals
  • Water treatment
  • Similar Industrial Processes


Our Commercial Clients

  • Walmart
  • Amigo
  • Upr
  • Aireko
  • Ccenter