What is recycling?

It is a method or process through which materials –instead of being deposited into landfills or being incinerated– are categorized, reused or processed in a way to produce new articles or use them in different ways.

ConWaste is the #1 company in waste ick up in residences and recycling programs. We offer management and disposal of domestic waste and recyclable materials under the same service. Additionally, we provide technical assistance to initiate an effective recycling program in your municipality, condominium, office, or company.

We also offer a “single stream” recycling service, in which all recyclable materials are put in the same container. Recycling containers are picked up separately from regular waste containers.

"We design the recycling program that fits you best according to your needs and available space"

  • ReciclajePromotion materials
  • Recycling containers
  • Educational talks
  • We pick up the recycling materials in different routes, integrated to your own waste pickup service.
  • The mixed recyclable materials will be placed in an area designated by the Administration
  • Recycled materials are picked up in a different truck that regular waste
  • Materials are classified in our facilities
  • Follows rigorously recycling laws
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